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The Stop

My stroke for delivery starts at the key position (Hugh Falkus term). The top hand is ear level and the bottom hand is @9" from the right chest area. The tip of the rod is pointed @1:30. Both hand move in concert with the bottom hand pulling down towards the ground and the thumb of the upper hand tracing a straight 20% decline down towards what will be the stop position. The rod will travel to a vertical position. The lower hand then comes towards the waist area @ belt high. The upper hand continues its straight 20% decline path to the stop position. What happens now is a scissoring action. The upper elbow should be @ 90 during the entire stroke. The major fulcrum is the upper shoulder with a slight fulcrum at the upper elbow. This makes the larger shoulder muscle do the majority of the work of the upper arm. The bottom hand is the gas pedal and brake of the rod. Although the upper hand add some power, the bottom hand should be the main gas for powering the rod through the delivery cast. I start the delivery cast by pulling down towards the ground with the bottom hand which makes the upper hand follow. When the rod get to vertical , I pull TOWARDs the belly. The stop is the bottom hand forceing the butt of the rod to STOP by driving the the palm of the bottom hand back so very, very slightly. This is a conscious effort to stop the butt of the rod with only the bottom hand.
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