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RE:YAKBONE Clave this weekend!


Tie up some bone bunnies in various lengths and hook sizes. These are very simple to do and relatively cheap. Some say not to use cross cuts for the palmering, but unless the zonker strips are VERY good quality, the overall effect on fish (stripers only in my experience -- hoping to change that soon) is less than with the cuts.... YMMV. Any color is fine for long as it's white.

I tied up a few pure white silver side jobbies last night -- something akin to the Ray's Fly style I mentioned in my Ahab story. Bonito have extraordinary visual accuity so shoot for flies that are as realistic as possible.

As to time and place. I like Sat. in the Waquoit neighborhood somewhere around 4 AM.

Now if I can only stay focussed on work....
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