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(assuming you are talking about spey casting)

I could be misinterpreting what you are saying but I assume you are talking about a very minute snap-t like move of the rod tip but in a much more subtle way of course. This reversal of tension makes the line jump forward as if it's charged with electricity.

I think we all kickback a tiny bit if for no other reason to hold the rod tip from deflecting. But I think I know what you mean, a little extra reversal of energy for adding "opposing tension" to the loop makes both sides tight. If my memory serves me right (need to go play with it more) this technique lends itself to shorter casts but not necessarily to long casts because it affect line shooting.

For longer casts where you shoot a lot of running line you don't want to introduce a pullback tension on the near end of the line unless there is adequate force to overcome it once the loop is on it's way.

I'll have to go play with it some more, but this is what I recall from the last tie out playing around with it.

This is an interesting point you make Klem - worth looking into for sure! I am curious to hear what others have to say. Maybe we should move this over to the speypages technique section?
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