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This has become a world problem that needs to be addressed soon. Even out here in the non poluted Pacific Northwest, cough, cough, we are having problems.

Our beloved Hood Canal has been hit hard by low dissolved oxegen levels near the bottom zones. Those not familiar with the Hood Canal it is about 50 miles or more long 2 to 6 miles wide and very deep on most sections as deep as 800 feet and over a hundred feet deep just feet from shore. The canal was made by glaciers in the last ice age I believe. Problems seem to be coming from faulty septic systems on mostly the lower sections but there are other causes also such as dumping of tons of chum salmon after row is removed for Asian markets and there are natural causes also.

Sad it is but all fishing has been canceled because of stress on fish except salmon and you can harvest clams and crab. There are studies being done and I guess they will show eventually that septic systems must be removed and costly wastewater plants put in every little communitty. Not sure if Americans could fathom the idea of composting toilets or not, probably not. I once read that in Sweden years ago they had such problems on the many lakes where people had summer homes. The goverment made laws that people had to put in composting toilets and if I remember right even helped in cost. The lakes soon became healthy again.

My question is do you think Americans could ever get used to the idea of composting toilets instead of the very expensive alternatives to help lessen such problems? I put one in my new home on my Montana ranch back in the 70's and it worked really well as long as I didn't have too many beer parties in winter when my heavy drinking neighbors refused to pee outside in 40 below zero weather. From what I understand composting toilets are fairly comon in rural europe now and are better than ever before. I would like to see more of them here in this country but I just can't picture some silver haired retired lady with her white toy poodle wanting to clean it every few months even though it does not stink and is easy to do. Also bet that the right wingers and there are a lot of them retired on the hood canal would scream that their rights are being trampled on if the state required that they put composting toilets in. Anyone else familiar with composting toilets and how well they work in stopping phosphate and nitorgen levels from building up in residing waters?
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