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Lots of choices.........

In the Freshwater aeas you will do just fine with a Comet in any bright color as long as it is stripped in (retrieved ) at a "VERY" fast pace. You can also do well with large surface skaters that look more like Bass Bugs called Wog's they too are fished mostly with a fast retreive.
As for saltwater tie or buy Clouser minows in Green and white Chartruese and white and shades of blue through lavender to imitate needlefish and sandlance and herring.
We had good fishing on top in the saltwater at times on surface flies and I would suggest you get ahold of some of the patterns that Leland here on the board has "perfected" over the last few years as they are really well done creations.
A final thought on freshwater patterns at the time of year you are going the pinks will be more than numerous they will be a major problem! I would stongly recomend that you tie a fair number of streamers (comet) whatever with a subtantial weed guard like capability. Many places have a mix of chum and Coho tossed in with all the Pinks (humpies) and you will not be able to fish for them if you are snagging a pink every time you strip your fly in. I had the most succses in this avoidance by tying my streamers for fresh water on the Wright McGill Keel Hooks I never found a better hook for that application.
Good luck it truly is "The Great Land"
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