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Juro -

I bought Art's Necky "Gannet". 11'0", cockpit is pretty good for a big guy, yet not as big as the Wilderness Pungo or several others. I've used it; I haven't challenged wild surf with it, yet it seems to do what I want in most conditions. I might be a little heavy for it at just over two hundred pounds,and I haven't loaded gear into it for effect. I'm comfortable in it for calmer conditions; I would trust it to get me back to the beach if it got rough.

As I've looked at others, I've arrived at a cross in the road for the next one (there will be another very soon) in that I like the (Wilderness) Pungo, but I like the (Necky) Santa Cruz or (Old Town) Nantucket, Castine or Loon 138, in that order, more. I suppose I'd be more inclined to pursue salt in any of them. I saw John's Tribalance - I liked it for it's design and the outrigging part, but I don't know about sitontops for me. In any event, I'm not sure what the next one will be regardless of the mantra, Pungo, Pungo, Pungo.
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