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Large cockpit for this large angler.
excellent secondary stability.
Gets from point A - B with a minimum of effort while providing a stable platform, although I'm not up to standing in it.
There is a trade off between speed and stability and I think the Pungo makes a nice compromise between the two.

Other considerations:
A spray skirt is a necessary safety feature for this large cockpit design and it works great as a stripping basket and zips part way open so you can still access your gear.
Don't overlook the importance of paddle selection. I you were to buy a skiff I'm sure the motor would be something you'd research. In a kayak you and your paddle are the motor. The composite or straight carbon fiber types are nice because they are lightweight. You wouldn't think a few ounces would matter but weight, length, blade profile, and adjustable feathering are very important things to consider in a paddle. I personally like a slight oval shaped handle because I can tell where the blade is pointing by feel and I think it fits in the hand better.
I'm not using mine Saturday (tomorrow) maybe not Sunday either, so give me a call if your interested in taking off my hands for a day or two.
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