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Disconnect between trout and steelhead anglers?

In the midwest, I think you'll find more steelhead than trout anglers fishing with indicators. In cold water, slow currents, and when the fish are taking only nymphs deep in the water column, experienced anglers here seem to prefer the indicator presentation. I think it's all to easy for people to be judgmental based on their own experiences and conditions, and I think it's a gross oversimplification to imply that indicator use implies some allegiance to 'the numbers game'. If that were the case you could well argue we should all be fishing dries year round, and that using any type of sink tip or sinking line is falling prey to 'the numbers game'. So are you steelheaders ready to give up your tips, surf guys your intermediates and baitfish, and trout anglers your nymphs and streamers? You guys need to fish more if the best you can do is get on here and get righteous about technique. Maybe you ought to go fishing with some people who prefer different techniques than yours, and instead of judging, open your mind and pretend for a bit that they might have good reasons too. Open your mind and keep's much more fun that way.
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