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Cascade, thanks for the information; I'll get busy tying up some of the aforementioned flies. I will indeed be fishin' the Cork Blackwater.
On the conservation issue I think that it is a good idea. The more and more we affect the world, we increase our responsibility of being its guardians. With that said, Ireland has a wonderful and lucrative asset in the Atlantic Salmon that should be protected while still enjoyed. Reducing the amount of takes is a good way to increase the number of spawning fish, thus returning fish, etc.
The eastern U.S. coastline and England rivers can tell you what happens when the salmon and their rivers aren't taken care of.
Bravo for Ireland taking some conservative steps in protecting their Salmon; BRAVO for banning smoking in the PUBS TOO!!!
I am disheartened somewhat though, to see that "recent data suggested there will not be a late run of salmon in August or September." Hopefully the spirit of Finn MacCool will be my guide and change my luck

Can't wait to visit

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