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SA Saltwater Taper feedback?

Does anyone have any experience with the SA Mastery Saltwater taper for use in cold waters such as here in the Puget Sound region. I'm looking for a 6 wt floating line for beach fishing. Looking for a line that will give me better distance (aren't we all) and ability to throw medium sized poppers. For what it's worth I'm using it on a Sage 696 RPL.

In general, I really like the SA Mastery series. Initially I was considering at the XXD (Max Distance Taper) but the total head length at 65' for the 6 wt seems too long. The head on the Saltwater taper is 45'. On the downside, the Saltwater line appears to be stiffer ("moderate" vs "low" stiffeness) according to SA's documentation, but I'm curious how much of a factor this will be.

Any other suggestions? How about the AirFlo 40+ line which appears to be an integrated shooting head style line with a 36' head. Or how about Sage Performance tapers? Rio Clouser or Quickshooter?

Appreciate you help!

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