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Good news Chris. Follow up to Moonlight's report as follows. Weather conditions did not improve and the wind couldn't figure out which way to blow. Fish were moving all over the place but I guess that is just the coho way. A hot area will hold almost nothing the next day and a blank area will be hot. Got to look around alot. Tatoosh to the whistle bouy was the most consistant. We never did get on big concentrations of fish we could stay on. Best days were about 15 per rod but average was more like 6-8. Size is still great with several fish in the 12 pound range. Did find some topwater action here and there.

Highlight of the trip was a grey whale that put on the best show I have ever seen. We were in Skagway bay hiding from the wind and saw him/her roll about a fly line away on our port. Then it dove and showed flukes. That was cool and we thought that was the end of it. A minute later the water bulged no more than two fly lines directly back of the boat and he/she came all the way out of the water in a breach directly toward the back of the boat. Came down with a huge crash and the wave almost got to our transom. A memory burned into my mind forever. Wow.

Will be back on station tomorrow until Sunday. See you all then. Warren
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