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Paul -

I am more of a fishing cast kinda guy but am very interested having seen Steve belt out ridiculous casts at Golden Gate this spring with a tournament rod. This was a distance casting two-hander which he cast for what looked like 250 ft from my angle and distance, maybe more.

By 'tournament casting' I am referring to distance casting with accuracy using extreme rods and technique, not putting a 3wt into a hula hoop. That's interesting and equally worthwhile but not what I meant, just to be clear.

Are you a student of tournament distance casting techniques? If so I am very interesting in talking about this topic. I am sure there is much to be learned to apply to my fishing casts' benefit.

For instance I have already gained a lot by adopting a vee grip, working on extending my stroke, tuning my accleration, etc. I do not cast vertical angle for fishing but understand how the top-pointed loop holds altitude when thrown vertically and is easier to aim.

What books are available on tournament casting that you would recommend? Videos?
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