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I donít fish from my yak but I use it to get from spot to spot. Iím not comfortable with trying to land a fish from it yet. I hooked a nice blue when I had Striblues tri-balance and had a hell of a time turning the fish/ keeping it from tangling in the outriggers. Handling the fish isnít a problem, itís keeping form breaking my rod tht concerns me most. Iím thinking about hand lining/ trolling a fly line next season.

We were kicking around the idea this weekend of a yak forum, maybe itís a good idea. I think safety is an important issue that many of us ignore.

I live next door to Duxbury Bay but havenít fished it in 2 years (almost Tod!), now that Iím yakable, we should host some type of clandestine gathering, yaks only, fly rod only, natural flies only, floating lines only, one backcast only, sight fishing onlyÖ Sorry, I guess the few snowflakes I saw last night are getting to me.

Actually, Juro donated a found/ run-over surfcasting outfit to me which with some repairs could be a decent yak Ė trolling rod.

Oh yeah, I have a blood red Wilderness Systems Manteo.
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