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JimW (08-16-2001 08:03 p.m.):
Would there be a problem bringing one? There are AM boat shifts and the boats can make, say 10 minute shuttles and maybe the paddle is 1.5 hours. That could be a problem. Has anyone paddled out from the Childs river, and if so how long does it take? What is the tide way up there in the river?
Obviously the tide is delayed, and much subdued up inside that far. If rowing, Great River might be easier but the parking is better at White's Landing (Childs River). I would guestimate the row to be 45 minutes max in a yak, and most of it in very secluded estuary waters. Actually, because you wouldn't need to pay any attention to bouys the paddle might be less than 45 minutes... any other opinions?

The intent of my post was to say "if you don't bring your kayak you won't feel slighted", there are enough seats so that a few of us take a shore shift on Sunday and the rest of the time we will all be lucky guests of the generous boat owners who make this all work.

Of course, you may want to bring it. That's up to you. It would be a very pleasant paddle, that's for certain. Kayakers were working the pods between the jetties very effectively last year.

Originally I might have sounded like "we are in trouble please bring your yak" and I just wanted to clarify that there is no such problem.
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