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I have the legend as well and I like the mapping capabilities. I have not invested in the software that give the detailed road maps and coastal nav aids so currently the mapping does not do me much good in the yak. Waypoints are what I rely on for accurate navigation and I've also found that does not always report accurate coordinates, (out of date maps I guess)
I would recommend whatever unit you get should have the capability to upload and download these to a computer for backup purposes.
Can anyone comment on their experiences with the various software for the legend etrex?

Read the instructions - When copying coordinates from someone else make sure your entering them in the same format(there are many). Mike Estey was kind enough to give me the waypoints to a couple of rips at the Boneclave. I was using UTM format and his coordinates were in DD:HH:MM:SS. I entered to the numbers and was showing someone the mapping capabilities. Strange thing was the waypoint was on land. I'm thinking to myself, oh it's just that sometimes the coastline is inaccurate so I zoom out, still nothing but land. I keep zooming out and apparently the waypoint I entered is in Poland. :O The point is the mapping helped me realize my ignorance and I finally broke down and read the instructions.
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