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Todd- I've been around the water most of my life and can tell you that nothing beats a pair of oars on any boat -type for getting around under any type of conitions. I've been toying withthe idea of mounting a set of oarlocks on the Coleman canoe I have, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Then I see Old Town canoe company has come out with a canoe- the osprey 15.5 that is set up to row. The only item I'd add is a set of sponsons to increase the stability of the canoe in a cross sea. I have rowed in some very rough weather and never had a problem and in fact I used to troll along the shore of Mount Hope Bay with a rowboat and do quite well on stripers. To me there are too many nuts on the water to be sitting as low as you do in a kayak- I'd rather be higher up so they might see me better not hat it makes alot of difference some times. Now I generally use the canoe just to get to places that are inaccessible by land so I can fish from the shore, but if the circumstances dictate I wil fish from the canoe. Just my $.02 Ron
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