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Next time you're in San'a Yemen...

Be sure to visit the Al Hamd hotel...argueably the oldest hotel on the Arabian peninsula...
When ever the fish and/or chicken starts to take on a peculiar state, they curry it to cover up the obvious semi-advanced stages of decompostion.
After the unwary consumer has paid the bill, the poison usually doesn't kick in until the ride home...then, allhandsondeck...Man the battle stations!
Speaking from experience, I tend to avoid curry like the plague but...
If you limit the application so that the original flavour of the catch is still the centre of attraction, and avoid over cooking...a little goes a long way and the subtle nature of the spice shines through!
Wash it down with an ICE COLD beer (available to westerners is they know the secret password and/or the owner) and lifeisgood!...even on the Arabian peninsula...
Don't leave home without the Imodium!!!
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