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they/we (I'm a half 'kiwi' since I'm married to a kiwi girl) don't do it cuz it's easy, they do it because the fish is mostly feeding below the surface and along the bottom. Why present a dry when the fish isn't feeding on dries? I believe in matching the insects that the fish eat, and if it's feeding on mayfly nymphs I present a mayfly nymph. If it's rising to a caddis I present a dry caddis, and so on.

My point is there is much more to nymph fishing than the 'watch the tip of the line' technique. It is an art in itself that takes years of fishing to master fully. I've seen fishermen strike when I didn't even see the indicator move slightly. So to say that indicators are for novices or lazy fly fishers is to insult these fine and very skilled anglers. To say such a thing is a proof of great ignorance, at best.

And let me know if you're going domn under!
I live there for 3-4 months of the year when it's winter up in the cold north.
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