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Originally Posted by roballen2
you'll get a lot of differeing opinions on this but in my opinion a strike indicator doesn't do anything the end of your fly line won't ( if you are attentive)
I think it is a rare occasion where a strike indicator will scare a fish.

Now here is where a lot of people will dissagree with me. I think indicators are a huge crutch and people rely on them far too much and as a result the development of their skills suffers. The reason they are so popular is that they are a no brainer to use and are effective even in the hands of total novices. Why? because they require no skill. Skill can be applied to them to make them more effective but skill is not necessary.
In my opinion indicators are for 1. beginners and 2 for people who only care about catching as many fish as possible. 3 have limited uses in specific situations for skilled anglers.
You obviously haven't had much experience with fishing with an indicator. In addition to telling you when to strike, an indicator keeps the nymph(s) at the right depth. Also there is NO way you can see a take from the line when it's 60ft away. It's hard enough with an indicator sometimes. The situations where you can see the take on the line represent just a small fraction of nymph fishing techniques overall.
No offense, but I spent 2 years in New Zealand where fishing with an indicator is as common as fly fishing itself. Dry fly fishing is easy compared to some of the advanced nymph fishing WITH an indicator.

Back to the initial question. The indicator is just a small floating device, like a fly. The fish will not make the connection between the floating little thing on the surface and the nymphs floating along the bottom.
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