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Originally Posted by juro
Smolt -

Thanks for the report. I remember driving over it wishing, but not getting to go fishing as I was on my way home from the Bonaventure.

Next time you go let me know, I have an 11ft overhead 9wt that I think you'll really like out there.

I hope to go back at the end of September and fish the Matapedia as well as the MSW Miramichi and the Cains in New Brunswick. Why don't you think about coming along to show me the rod?

Salmon Chaser,

As much as I dislike the practice, its hard to fault the locals for killing fish. It is a way of life and, frankly, I honestly believe the vast majority need the source of food. I had a relatively long, one-sided "scientific" discussion with someone while I was there about the merits of killing fish. Succinctly put, his position is that the mortality rate of released fish is much higher than we have been led to believe, so killing fish rather than releasing them will not have an adverse impct on the fishery. It was one-sided because I listened, but knew there was really nothing I could say to change the person's mind. Who knows, maybe he was right. In any event, I practice C&R more from an "ethical" than a "scientific" viewpoint. In short, I don't need the fish (I don't even like to eat them), so I don't kill them.
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