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Yes, I have been too dogmatic on the 95% and 5% concept, my emphasis is probably from trying to teach other FF the Lefty Kreh style. I am interpreting a distance (rod path) vs. acceleration curve (graph) in Ed's book"The Cast".

You certainly know the dynamics of casting and can explain it much clearer than my ramblings.

Creep,,,I thought this was a term where the rod completes the back cast and the line is unrolling,,,,then the caster moves the rod an additional amount toward the rear and introduces slack into the line? This is the same as a long haul then moving the line hand upward toward the reel,,,,additional slack is introduced into the line unrolling and it is now difficult to make an efficient forward cast.

Not true - he advocates ELBOW on the shelf, not rod hand. Rod hand has to have a change in level to stop / unload beneath the path of the moving line.

I will check this again,,,,my understanding is the rod hand on the shelf however, I will review my books and videos tonight. The rod is tucked under the line path with the thumb pressure "just a frogs hair" after the stop.

No, I will not attend the Denver Trade Show, perhaps we can hook up on one of your east coast seminars or at one of the NE shows in the winter.

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