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I think this proves a very important aspect of learning and teaching - everyone delivers and receives information differently.

I found George Robert's video succint, to the point and very informative as a training information tape. He hits many points dead on and he makes sure the visual characteristics of line color, background, lighting, etc - are all in place. He also includes some repetition of key points for reinforcement of these important items. His tape is clearly an intermediate to advanced review, best for taking someone from 60ft to 100 plus but not the best choice for the context of this discussion - a starting out tape. This was not the intent of the video in the first place.

Mel's personality complements his life-long dedication to the art of fly casting. He is a true ambassador of the sport and it's been my pleasure to have spoken with him and received some pearls of wisdom each time. To watch him at the Golden Gate Casting Club this year at the Spey-o-rama was really something. He is as inspiring as he is educational, a master at the art of teaching as well as casting.

Both of these guys are phenomenal at delivering the information, albeit different information and much different styles.

Each of us receives information just as differently, which would indicate that the best approach is to watch as many videos as possible on the topics you want to master.

(Still hope the Lefty question gets answered!)
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