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Originally Posted by jimS
Jay did a good job from memory. Here are his four casting principles verbatum:
1. You must get the line moving before you can cast.
2. The line goes in the direction the tip speeds up and stops.
3. The loop size is determined by the length of the speed up and stop.
4. The more help needed on the cast, the longer the rod should travel on the back and forward cast.

Jim, Jay, et al -

#3 - loop size == length of S.U.S...

what is your interpretation or Lefty's explanation of this? Is this referring to the tight loop verses big loop principle or another concept of "size of loop"?

Big loop verses small loop has a different connotation in my mind, based on path of rod travel and position of stop relative to speed-up verses "length" per se.

I am always intrigued by Lefty's wisdom but I am curious how this one should be interpreted.
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