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Nick -

If you hit Brewster stop in at the town hall in the morning and pay $10 for the parking pass. The mid-day low should put you into some excellent sight fishing around the blue hole. If you start at 9:30 (beach passes are sold quite early in the morning) you will be able to paddle out with little or no drag, and if you fish until 3 or so you will be able to paddle back in as well. The yak could be left on the shoals while you walk or led on a leash. If the sun is strong it would be a v-e-r-y good option for the day although the tides are not very strong.

Inside the refuge is not susceptible to swells as you know and would be a very good option. Large albeit picky fish are plentiful if you like the cat and mouse game as I do. A new felt crab has been working well for me, and the deep eel still has moments of glory depending on the fish's moods that day. West Common, north end is good on that tide. SB - easy and reliable.

I am working on the flats Sat and teaching a casting class Sun at 10am up north but plan on squeezing in the evening bite Sat PM and an early bird somewhere 5:00a to about 8:30a if you are around Sun am let me know. Mecca?

The sand eels have made a distinct move toward the beach over the last several days and although I have not given it the time the fish are bound to start moving in to grub the shoreline any day now. They have been in their summer sand eel sipping mode for boat anglers mooching flies off the side but I have the strong feeling the shoreward attention is about to get serious and beach anglers will continue the beach party we had in spring as the bunker get ready to come to town and form that buffet line along the surfline.

If it was calm, bright and I had the whole day I would do the blue hole on a yak with timing set to avoid dragging. Pack a nice lunch and some cold drinks, good day on the flats indeed.

Good luck buddy
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