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Dude, Its Raining :)

Well the rain has began and it suppose to continue through the weekend. Woohoo!!!

From the reports I recieved the Bogey, from the Calawah down, has been pumping out fish the past few days. And guess where I am headed Sunday???

Thinking of fishing the Hoko sunday and seeing how I do and deciding where to go from there, whether I would like to float the Bogey from the Hatchery to Wilsons in the pontoon boat or risk my life on the Calawah or float the Hoh from the Park to Morgans or maybe give the Queets and Clearwater a shot. Oh the decisions, the insanity.

Juro, Brian or anyone that knows-
What does the water on the Upper Hoko look like?? Is it pocketwater, typical riffle-pool-tailout or canyanous water? Thanks!

...and its raining!!!!!
Ryan S. Petzold
aka Sparkey and/or Special
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