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Stillwater scouting report

I had the morning free yesterday and spent it scouting the Stillwater river. From all the conversations with other anglers the run should be imminent. The fish are reported to be ripe and staged in the Stillwater basin.

Unfortunately there is little water flowing in the river, and fishing the stretch from the singing bridge to the mouth I did not see a redd or a fish. Many spots had only 3 -5" of water flowing through them. Rains are needed to be allow the fish upstream to spawn.

There is a beaver dam located between the singing bridge and the first downstream bend that will stop the upstream migration. This dam has backed up enough water that it probably affects the level that the USGS stream gage at the bridge reports. Two other partially breached dams are in the general area, but if the water comes up 6-12 " fish should be able to get past them. Given the dams and being soaked from yesterday mornings rain I did not scout upstream of the singing bridge.
John Desjardins
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