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aruba bonefish

Thank you, juro, and others for all that great info re bonefishing in Aruba. When I vacationed several years ago on Aruba, I didn't bring my flyrods. Now I am considering a winter trip there with my flyrods so all this great info is appreciated. Yes, juro, from what I can determine from the travel websites, there are now at least three Divi hotels on Aruba, none of them with the same name as where I stayed, thus, my question to you. I think I can determine from the Aruba travel websites that I stayed adjacent to the windsurfing beach which also was next to the all inclusive Divi hotel. So, this info will be very helpful if I return to the "renamed" Divi where I stayed. Now my choice will be: do I appear at dinner to enjoy their delicious food or call "room service" when I return from catching those bones? At any rate, great info and thanks again. To be sure, if I do go there this winter, I will report any bonefish activity I find.
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