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Is it just me or does the dump 'em and dip 'em attitude bother anyone else?

There is good and bad, of course. Without it there would be no trout to speak of in most waters in most of the US and abroad. Without trout in these waters, there would be no kids to pass the love of trout fishing onto. Where there are less fish there are less fishermen and that's certainly not a good thing for humanity the way I see things. Those who become close to the outdoors are the only ones who will protect it for what it is. We need more people to shut off their beepers and breathe in the forest air.

But couldn't we manage the ponds and lakes to produce better fish than just pump them full of short-term ripple finned pellet hatchery pout, er I mean trout? Why must we design the fishery for rapid exploitation instead of managing our waters as good habitat for appropriate species?

What if trout were introduced at the tiniest survivable size to seed waters with fish that will grow to become it's wise inhabitants over time, isn't that better than depositing accelerated growth adults (3x faster than natural specimens) for immediate collection via dyed pheromone laced marshmallows?

I once had a discussion with a hatchery worker about steelhead. He said "steelhead, schmeelhead - I'll give you a bigger fish faster than mother nature can with this" holding up a scoop full of pellets. Yeah, OK.

I love trout, I even love the concept of trout as much as the trout themselves. Perhaps that's why I am not completely at peace with the methods by which we perpetuate put-and-take mentality across the country, around the world.

I hope I am not bursting anyone's bubble, that is sincerely how I feel about hatchery policies of today and thanks for letting me get it off my chest.


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