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The Divi Divi down by the bunker bar is the one I am referring to. Just south of the bunker bar there is a little cove with a high bank on the left (looking to sea) where a lot of the locals fish spin gear. In the cove on a low tide rising there would be bones, you can just tell looking at it.

Another spot not too far off is the airport flat but I was not as adventurous in passing the barbed wire as my mentors from Seattle who wrote the first account of aruba bones on yer own I've ever found on the net... or anywhere for that matter. BTW they also caught bones at the wreck as well as the airport flat and the windsurfer beach. I hit paydirt at the wreck but the windsurfer beach was always milky while I was there and you couldn't sight fish.

Too bad they don't rent pangas in the lagoon. Definite tarpon and big cuda opportunities in there if you had some mobility to get around. Not very accomodating from shore though. The point out at the officers club Rogers Beach? Had some potential as a big jack /cuda spot. Might see some oceanside bones there once in a while too, very interesting reef structure.

Is the other Divi in the same area (north/south shoreline on the west end of the island?)
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