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conversion from spey to AFTMA

I have the Loop blue 7116 like MATT and am also wondering what heads it works well with overhead casting in the salt. When I got mine a friend suggested to just go up 2 line sizes (a spey 7 wt uses an AFTMA 9 wt line) so I got a 30 foot Cortland sinking shooting head for a #9. This, looped onto Airflo polyshoot XT, doesn't even load the rod. I believe it is in the neighborhood of 300 grains. I also have the Atlantis 11/11 but have been so busy I have yet to even spool up a line to try on it (Soon! Soon!) Now I'm wondering if I have 2 of the same animal: that the 7116 is going to be an 11 weight also. Was hoping it would be a lighter surf and salt stick for smaller fish and the Atlantis the big gun.
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