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Iím not sure what a Sooke is, but it sounds really Canadian. Point No Point is on the south side (away from Canada) of Juan De Fuca. Point No point is just north (toward Canada) of Kingston on Puget Sound.

I also have stolen everything I could from the striper guys on the east coast and a few Australians. I have come up with pretty good system of overheading off the beach with two rods. The Sage 5120 is my Cutthroat rig. The 13 foot 9 wt Midgar is my Salmon rig. The sage will work in a pinch for fish in the 5 pound range so donít let the 5 weight nomenclature fool you.

Basically, the line Iím using is Mono with a Rio Big Boy or Aqualux head. I had been using loop to loop connectors, but they suck trying to get through the guides of the rod. I am on my way in the morning to learn the art of splicing mono to mono core fly line from a world famous fly fisher who lives in Stanwood. This master of the line promises that there will be seamless and smooth transition between the splices allowing me to do amazing things on the beach. For the Sage, distance on a good day is 90 feet. The Midgar, 130 feet.

The lines for the Sage is 380 grain, 25 foot head of intermediate, connected to 100 feet 15# Amnesia. I also have a head that is 35 feet of floating, but it sucks and will be replacing that with an Airflo 28 foot head of 380 grains.

After splicing line together tomorrow, I hope to have two lines for the Midgar on 25# Amnesia. An intermediate head of 36 feet at 650 to 700 grains and 40 feet of floating at 700 grains. As you can see, the Midgar is very strong and fast. It will Spey cast a 10/11/12 Windcutter.

These are the best fishable systems I could come up with. There was nobody here that does this sort of thing. It may not be pretty when I work the beach, but on occasion I do get a few fish.
Spey casters do it with longer rods

Matt Burke
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