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If the fish are around, the equipment you use isn't too important. A good deal of the time, when you are on fish, you don't even really need to cast. So I'd suggest that you don't get too excited about equipment until you make a trip or two and figure out what suits you.

That said, I believe that without question, the best all-around line is a 300grain head. I've had the teeny lines but I really prefer the AirFlo 300grain because it casts nicer and sinks significantly better. This line is great and seems to cast well on any 7-9wt rod. As you fish more, you'll find yourself with another rod rigged with a 400 grain line and yet another with a dry line. We've gotten to the point where we each have 3 rods rigged with these lines.

For flies, bring a fistfull of bead-head clousers in chartreuse and white and some 20# for the leader for casting. For locating fish, I prefer to troll a large-ish herring pattern and on that I use 40# for the leader - possibly with a stinger hook if the fly is big. I'm happy to scan specific patterns if that is helpful.

But there is no question that by far the biggest trick is to get out there a few times. Don't fuss over the equipment, literally anything works when you are on these aggressive fish.


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