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Oh yes, the "we must save nature from itself" arguement...

Wow, with all my rants on this forum, I finally get a response... And its a live one...

thanks for proving my point... Lets not look at the root cause of WHY seals are umpteen miles up the river... Lets not look at the "irresponsible right wing neo-conservative dogma" (since we'ver resorted to name calling...) that is all earth's resources are created simply for our glutonous consumptive greed and use. Lets not look at the irresponsible harvest of cod, and albacore tuna and every other sea food source with a commercial value, who's limits and regulations are rarely based upon science and those marine biologists who don't know a damn thing, but rather set by who's political representative got paid more by the right people in the previous election. Let's not take a look at a fishing industry that takes more commercial fish out of the ocean (not to mention the bi-catch) in a month than a local population of seals will take in a year, not to mention the loon... No, instead, let's blame a creature that's species has been on this continent for many a millenium longer than our own for trying to make a living in habitats we've screwed up. Of course, why didn't i see it before, it IS the seal's fault... how dare he eat "our" salmon, and "our" cod, and our... We MUST save nature from itself... Nature, left to its own devices, is crude and wasteful, and certainly doesn't take man's "needs" into consideration... The obvious solution, kill ever seal that comes into a river, kill every loon we see (cause by golly, it might one of "our" baby salmon that worthless feathered creature eats...)... Can't have that, now can we... While we're at it, lets get rid of everything that does harm to our precious salmon... oh wait, that'd mean we'd have to get rid of ourselves... damn. that's a b***h...

as for your last comment to me... those three salmon a day will suffer only long enough to be brought to shore and bonked on the head, processed and packaged, and brought home to be enjoyed by myself and my friends and family. Nope, not much tormenting going on there. And i won't loose a wink of sleep over it, because for every one I take, there are dozens that will take its place on the spawning ground, where they'll die inevitably, regardless of the lack of hook-in-mouth disease... Because those runs still functions, even WITH the seals and loons and every thing else... But since you brought up "sincere concern for the environment", I'm assuming that's exactly what you intend to do - hang up YOUR rod forever??
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