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Juro & Feiger

If we allow situations such as those I have mentioned to continue, Juro, there will be no resource for us to be a stewart of! Regardless of what we as a species have done to cause, or aggreviate this problem, it exists and to allow such situations to continue is nothing short of a crime. The problem with most biologists(marine, anyway) is that they don't have a da*m clue as to what is going on in the oceans. That is why we have so many problems today in our commercial fishery here in Newfoundland. They have never listened (and still don't) to those who are in the best position to know...the fishermen. Perhaps, if you were sincere about your concern for the environment, Feiger, you would cancel your Alaska trip and stop tormenting the poor fish and putting them under stress...resulting in reduced spawning yields, released fish that die, fish too weak to spawn,etc., etc., etc.....
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