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The Rangley Guide Boat is like an oversized deep bodied canoe. They are generally about seventeen feet long and four feet wide. A rangley "Double Ender" as they are called, have two sets of oar locks so they can be rowed from either the front or the rear seat--they can be freighted down with a lot of gear--are extremely stable--and they really move across the water. They are a lapstrake boat so for their size they are very light weight. This boat was made in Waterville, Maine by the Kennebec Boat and Canoe, which went out of buisness, if my sources are correct, in '46. It is in excellent shape and should restore beautifully. I plan to go to the Maine state library, up the road a couple of miles from here, and do some research on it. The boat we have, actually it is Ian's, my dad gave it to him last winter shortly before he passed away. Dad had planned to have it restored for him but now we plan to do it ourselves. I have been reading up on it and it shouldn't be to daunting a project. I anticipate that by next spring it will be out trolling for LL salmon under the power of a new 10 hp/ 4 stroke. You may even see it at the cape next year looking new.
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