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Kevin caution is a good thing and trout bum was just trying to make everyone aware of the potential for extremes in weather that can be encountered in Juan de Fuca Straits.
I personally started fishing Seiku in a 12' open plywood skiff with a 10 hp outboard and a good pair of oars for a backup. The 16' open aluminum skiff I use today is a little better but not anymore adequate in extreme weather than the 12'. The waters in the straits during the summer are typicaly very calm and safe, a little caution and you should have no trouble taking a boat out on your own.
I , like I said, started at Seiku with a well used 12' plywood skiff and ended up piloting my own 17 ton Fishing Vessel around the Gulf of Alaska for a quarter of a century. I would not have gotten started if I didn't start. My advice Kevin is "get started"!
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