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The kings I have landed were either by happenstance while fishing saltchuck coho or we stumbled on an obvious mauling of bait where a fly that looked anything like what they were eating was going to get eaten. The last time this happened was coming back to port around Wadah Island and the herring were being blasted against the rocks by big kings. I caught the silver flashes from the corner of my eye so we motored over. A dark swirling mass of herring were piled against the rocks with nowhere to go and the salmon were getting very aggressive chowing them. It was dusk and not much light in the day. I chucked my herring fly into the fray and let it sink several seconds among the baitfish, couldn't have been more than three strips and I was on.

As you know, these situations are far and few between whereas a well-mooched cutplug seems to be nearly automatic. There has to be a solution... I really think we should put our minds together to try to figure out the kings on the fly fishery. I hope to be out there sometime this season but it will probably be after the peak of the king season. During the 12 years I chased kings second/third week in August was about the very best timing out in the straits for migrating adult chinook in Neah Bay and Sekiu.

Boy wouldn't it be a great annual trip to go to Neah Bay to unlock the secrets of kings on the fly!
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