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Piller Point - Sitka

We too were fishing Piller in the early 90"s with flies but thought "Bucktailing" (read trolling) was the only way. Wish I had met you then.

We started fishing Sitka with cast flies about 10 years ago and got the same reaction from the unwashed with lots of finger pointing and laughs. Much different now with a couple of charters half way catering to fly guys. Even have a fly shop in town now.

We use the same schedule in term of lines with floaters early and late and Hi-D during the day. Haven't bothered with the intermediate but could have an application when slower fly speed is needed.

Our most effective patterns have been epoxy bait fish in fucia or chartruse as the main color. Clouser style works very well but not quite as nice to cast. Haven't used the canadian "firecracker". I have heard great things about it but it is just too much of a lure.

Haven't figured out Kings yet but still trying. Have cought a couple in Sitka but hard to find the right situation - lots of fish, feeding heavily. Have you had any magic feather or style that worked for you?

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