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Well, I was out on Friday and could not believe the amount of bait fish in the water. Beach ball size pods swimming by in various stages of growth and species. A lot of cutts jumping and only saw one salmonid rise. No other fisherman or seal and it always seems like I ain't catching unless those two are present out at PNP.

My lead assed fly didn't swim like Don Blantons on fly fish tv. It flew straight and level through the water. No darting or erratic direction and without that, I'm sure I was just another bait fish in the water. I think I may try to contact someone on his tie and some others. Seems like it should work on an epoxy head herring like mine.

The Cutts were out about 80 to 100 feet in the current slicks that came off the point. With the 13 foot Midgar I could power out to 120 feet, but with the side wind it was looking bad and worse beyond 120. As I'd strip back through the cutts I'd get a plink every now and then, but that # 2 hook was too big for them little guys and when I checked the fly after each plink, they were nailing the 3 inch tail. Which is good with that 9 wt because to set the hook I would have launched them Cutts back into the thousands of sun bathers behind me. That is assuming their jaw didn't come unglued.

Should have brought the Sage 5120 and just chased Cutts with smaller flies, but I wanted Silver.
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