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It is an inlet stream. The Quinnipocsett (sp?) stream dumps into the Wachusett Reservoir and right where the Quiny ends there is a pump house that pumps water from the Quabin (sp?) Reservoir into the Thompson Basin. When they are pumping water from the Quabin, the water is very cold and creates a current. You can catch rainbows, browns, lakers, brookies, and salmon. I caught a 24" rainbow a couple years ago, on a egg sucking leech with my light line 3 wt, a good fight. The fishing can be very tough for us fly guys. The worm guys always do a lot better. I am very lucky to have this spot so close to my house. It is like a minute drive and I'm there :-). Last night there was a lot of wind, which was causing a lot of rippling on the water, which made it tough to see my dry, plus it was getting dark. I had a hit, but it broke my 7x tippet cleanly. I have been wondering what that fish was all day. I guess I will just have to go find out tonight after I get done doing some painting on my house. The fish seem to like a caddis pattern with a yellow body. I'm not a very good etemologist (sp?) maybe someone could help me out.
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