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A Stealth Rod As My First DIY - Comments?

I am thinking about building a DIY flyrod. I would like to describe what I am planning and see if you guys have any comments. I am a total newbie to rod-building, so I may not know what is realistic.

I would also like to get your suggestions as to Sage blanks.

Finally, would it be prudent to initially build a rod to these plans but on a less expensive blank, so that I won't waste so much money if I botch it? I am quite good with DIY things but have never made a rod. If it is a good idea, then can you suggest a moderately-priced blank with an action somewhat like the suggested Sage blank?

- 9 to 10 foot, 6 weight, 4 or 5 piece
- flat, matte finish (how do I get a non-shiny finish? lightly sand the finished rod?)
- wraps matching the blank color, no contrast or decoration at all
- two stripping guides, rest snake, large tip-top, hook keeper
- black finished guides and tip top (how can I do this? are they sold or do I have to send standard guides off for some sort of coating?)
- down-locking reel seat, hopefully black-finished, dark wood (I'm not picky about wood type), no fighting butt
- half Wells grip with dark-colored cork (what's a good way to dye cork?)

Sage Blanks:
- I have a mix of rods now. Sage RPLs in 6 and 8 wts, Sage RPL-X in 10 wt, Sage LL in 4 wt, a Scott in 5 wt, and St Croix Imperial in 5 wt.
- I've come to definitely prefer a fast action and a long rod, and I'm partial to Sages. And I really find 4 piece rods handy.
- My impression is that the current Sage equivalent of the old RPL is the "XP".
- So, how do people like the 696-4 XP?

Cheaper Blanks:
- I'm totally open to ideas.

P.S.: Oh, I forgot to mention the type of fishing. Trout on small-to-medium streams, from dry fly to weighted nymphs, floating line, often roll-casting or dapping.

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