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building a portable tying bench..

i am in the process of finishing my first bench..
and to other tyers out there.. would you prefer
to have more open room on the bench.. or have a
side rail on both sides.. one for your tools,
and the other to hold a magnetic strip for
drying your finished flys..? i have it set up
currently with two raised platforms.. one
running up the left hand side 1.5" wide by 24
long.. with holes drilled to hold scissors and
other tools, and a wider 3.5" wide platform
across the back which i plan on putting dowels
to hold spare spools of the standard thread
sizes i use oh. the bench is roughly 24x24..
and the side platform is raised about 3" and the
rear sits 5" high..
if i can post a pic when its done i will.. its
still in the dry fit stage and i have not
finalized it as of yet..
any advise will be appreicated..
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