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Neah Bay

FWIW-- I did a one-day harvest trip to Neah Bay yesterday and am happy to report that the silver season looks good. Despite reports of fish deep, we caught almost all of our coho in the upper 15 feet of water. I even saw some surface activity; however, it was so rough that I couldn't tell you if it was salmon or rockfish.

Since it was a harvest trip to pick up a few fillets for my NY son to take home, I didn't bring a fly rod.

The good news comes in the size of the fish-- we caught maybe 10 or so that were over eight pounds, much larger than what I expect in July-- these fish were more what I would expect in August. For those interested in fillets as well as sport, the ratio was about 1 to 3 for hatchery fish.

The next trip I bring the fly rod and poppers...

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