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"ultralight" mentality???

If that "floats your boat", go ahead...

But remember - fish can die from being "stressed" by being played too long, and especially during the warmer water of summer. Even when you revive them well and release, and they SEEM OK, within a day they may be "belly up". The old "rule of thumb" (and it's a proven one) is, for Atlantic Salmon, "play the fish for one minute per pound!" Now that's a good criteria for virtually all the trout/salmonids.

Go with the 5-wt., a 6-wt. is better, and a 9-footer, anyway. They will cast into the wind better (and farther), with more accuracy, and as far as giving fish the advantage, the longer rod gives them a longer "lever arm" to work with and put pressure on your hand.

If you go for chrome, get a long rod of sufficient strength to play the size of fish your home water holds.

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