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The fish were laughing at me today

I spent today chasing trout & smallmouth around central Mass. It was one of those days that Dorf could have dreamed up.

I started out by the railroad bridge on the Miller's river in Erving. A nice deep pool with a fish occassionally rising splashily to large mayflies. At first I was fishing confidently, and caught a small smallmouth, followed up by a 15" rainbow, the the fun began. After replacing the fly the bow destroyed I looked at my backcast and saw my fly box floating away fifty feet downstream. Leaving the rod on a rock I ran after the box and just as I reached it tripped and went for swim #1. This was an omen of things to come. Enjoying the cooling effect of the water I started fishing again and lost the last of the tan extended body comparaduns that the fish liked on a hookset. After that nothing worked, and I proceeded to chase the rises around the pool until I fell in a second time and decided it was time for lunch.

After lunch I headed over to the Swift river, below route nine. One step into the river and I wished I had put on the neoprenes, rather than wet wading. I waded out to the center and started fishing the edges and got one bite, but suffered from a numb brain among other parts and couldn't set the hook. After I dropped the fly box in the water again I realized that I wasn't going to catch anything while out in the water. I was ready to give up and started to walk back to the car. Along the way I caught a brookie and then spotted one of those nice swift river fish that taunts you by repeatedly coming up and inspecting your fly and saying "Fake". Nothing I did would get this fish to bite. I switched flies from a #18 to a #22 went to 7.5X Fluro carbon, and even tried the opposite and tried a meaty mouthfull of a helegramite and still nothing worked on this fish. Finally I gave up. next time I'll get him.
John Desjardins
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