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You bring up a very good point. That is, that Satan's Kingdom is the drop in point for inner tubers. However, if fished in the evening, you can have the whole river to yourself. Many fly fisherman overlook areas like Satan's Kingdom b/c of their reputation for being overcrowded. It appears this is precisely the reason TO fish these stretches. During the day, b/c of all the tubing activity, the fish never get a chance to rest. Thus, they seem to GORGE at night. Not to mention the non-TMA stretches seem to receive less fishing pressure. Ironic.

Just a theory...passed on to me by someone who's been fishing the river for many years.

What I do know is that we almost passed up on Satan's that most others. Glad we didn't.

Next time I'm heading out in that direction, I'll send you a line.
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