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The Pinware was just a shadow of its former self this year. We spent two weeks there...from July 5th to July 18th...and the weather was hot (except for one day which was overcast with a few showers), the water levels were low to begin with and continued to get lower, and the water temperature was in the 68F to 70F range most days. At the end, you could wade across with need to take a boat or wait for the tide to go out and cross at a gravel bar at the lower pools. (This is at the tidal pools, lower section of the river). I've been going there for twenty years and have never seen it so angler on one side hooked my fly while I was fishing from the other side...that just doesn't happen on the Pinware!
Farther north...Mary's Harbor River, St. Charles River, and Gilbert's River suffered the same fate. Those farther north...the Hawke, the Big, the Flowers, etc. may have escaped those conditions...I don't know.
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