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Custom built pros: 1) you choose the grip size, shape, and diameter you prefer; 2) you choose the guide wrap colors you desire; 3) you can have oversize guides put on the rods, which helps in shooting line: 4) you choose the type of reel seat, color of reel seat, and type of wood insert for the reel seat; 5) you can have feather inlays added to the rod when it is made; 6) you choose the type and sizes of guides; 7) the rod blank will be spined (Sage and Loomis do not spline the blank) for optimal guide placement and rod performance; 8) the guides will be placed where static defection indicates are the optimal distances from guide to guide; 9) the cosmetics and finish will nearly always be much better than a factory rod; and 10) you can have things like your name placed on the rod in thread.

The cons: 1) the warrenty only covers the blank, not the wrapped and finished rod; therefore, it something breaks, only the blank is covered, not the guide placement and wrapping or handle buidling; 2) if the rod breaks, the blank replacement may be your responsibility because it may be due to incorrect building (this is rare if done by someone who knows what they are doing); 3) not all rod manufactures offer all of their blanks for sale (CND has no blanks for sale that I am aware of and loomis doesn't offer its GLX and only a few of its other series for sale as blanks); 4) a well-made custom rod built by someone for you is usually a little more expensive than a factory rod; and 5) a factory rod can be had by simply going to a dealer, purchasing it, and you can fish it the same day-a custom rod will take some time for you to get it.
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