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The Divi is very close to where we stayed last winter. The big beach itself gets some jacks busting so keep the rod handy and a popper on a floater.

To the south from the Divi there is a cove with a rockpile on the left and the beach leading to Divi on the right. At low tide rising I saw some bones there but did not hook up. The bottom is not ideal but you might have luck before breakfast or when you only have a minute to spare.

The very best flat I found was all the way down near the Balashi brewery down by the sand / salt piles. I posted the name in the earlier post. There is a public beach / landing where the locals hang out with a big white sand flat where I spooked a few bones at high tide. Again I would go early morning or low tide as the high water made it tough to see them before they spooked. You look down the road and it looks like a tall wire fence, but when you drive down the road goes around the fence and to the public landing. Cuda down there too for sport.

The most bones seemed to be along the beach from the wreck at Malmok down toward the Divi along the sailboarders beach. The area around the wreck stays clear but the beach to the south got milky once people arrived so it's best to fish early in the morning and over in the shallows at the wreck in the evening when you can see their tails (according to the guy who has been renting that beach cabin for decades, I always had to attend to dinner plans in the evening).

I got two at the coral flat on the right side of the wreck although I saw bones on the left side flat as well. These are ocean bones and will grab the fly greedily but cut you off on the coral in a blink once they get your drag smokin.

Baby beach is way on the other side of the island and you will need to fish it either at the crack of dawn before people arrive and make it look like a chalk bath or in the evening after everyone has gone to dinner plans where you are mostly looking for surface distruptions. On the road past the jail there is a gorgeous but windy cove of deep water where I got a big nasty jack crevalle on the fly. Beautiful spot to fish surf style with two-hands.

North from the Divi there is a gravel shoal near the lighthouse with a deep channel on the right side. Fish busting everywhere one day while sight-seeing with the wife. Kind of creepy to wet wade there as it seems any kind of predator could make an approach up that channel right to shore.

Before my fuzzy memory leads me astray here, go read the previous posts to get better details from a fresh recollection.

BTW - there are tarpon in the lagoons on the south side.
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