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Sorry for the late post as I probably could have assisted on your trip.....I was on the Delaware last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I had gotten a call from some buddies in NJ a few weeks back to do some fishing and we headed to our old stomping grounds in the Catskills. We launched our driftboats on Friday from Firemen's Park in Hancock, NY on the East Branch. We floated to Junction Pool and spent a few hours there. Managed 6 fish between the 4 of us....most in the 15 inch range and one pig of 19 inches built like a football. The thing I love about these 'bows is that even a 15 inch fish can pull 40 yards of line on you with no problem...All rainbows and all caught in sulphur emergers....From their we paddled like mad to get by the other boats and people on the river to a few big riffles I know about a mile down river. We started to blind cast with March Brown Emergers and Sulphurs...At that point the skys opened up.....then, a blizzard hatch of olives....the water was boiling with rising fish for about an hour. We where fortunate to be able to anchor the boat on the edge of the riffle and get into a dozen fish. We landed 6, all over 18 inches....and broke the others off. Started at 6X and quickley made my way to 4X. We headed down river and picked up a few more fish....we hoped for a great spinner fall but it never appeared......The next day, we waded and went to the West Branch in Deposit....It was a funny day in that the fish where not rising regularly but if you found one that did rise, you could blind cast with a sulphur emerger until it took. Again the fish where any where from 7 inches to several browns pushing twenty inches......Again, we waited for the spinner fall that nite, but it never came..... One of things I have learned about fishing the Deleware is that the nasty weather and overcast skys are the best times to fish...sunny days are tough, but if you do get sun, Deposit is the place to be. If you get a chance to go back in the fall, the olive and isonychia hatches can be unbelievable.............let me know if I can help in the future...............

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